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Textile artwork

In each corner of the country, we can discover parts of the Mexican identity woven into the stories told by the traditional textiles, mostly made of wool or cotton, and by the embroidery typical of each place. Thousands of textile artisans and artists, weavers and embroiderers have been in charge of preserving the techniques and symbolism of the history of our ancestors, mastering the use of different types of looms from an early age.

Back strap looms

The backstrap loom is tied to the end of a tree and the other end is held at the waist with a rope. It has several components, including a series of wooden rods used to achieve the width of the fabric and to weave the threads.

This type of loom has variants depending on the pieces to be made: ribbons, belts, backpacks, shawls, etc. By adding threads of different colors, more effects and interlacing are obtained.