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Our selection of Mexican visual artists

A small selection of Mexican visual artists, with inspiration and strong roots in Folk Arts, culture and icons of our country.

Hugo Tovar

Born in Tláhuac, Mexico City in 1967. Curious and self-taught by nature at the age of four, and before even attending school he learns to read and thanks to this he comes into contact with various artistic expressions through books, and develops a taste for literature at a very early age, likewise from a very young age he leans towards the plastic arts at the hands of a very close and dear uncle (Fernando Cuauhtémoc, uncle Temo)

Felipe Espinoza

Lottas, a.k.a. Felipe Espinosa, was born in MexicoCity. He studied under many artists and printmakers in Mexico, including Agustín González, Alejandro Morfín and also master teachers like  Luis Nishizawa, and Quintín Valdez at the Nishizawa Museum. He  has participated in group exhibitions in Mexico, London and Chicago.