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Discover the traditional art from Mexico.

Unique pieces of art created by Mexican artist.


Tonas and Nahuales

Ethnic art created in Mexico


Tonas and Nahuales

Ethnic art created in Mexico

Traditional art

Milagros, Angels, Jewelry boxes and masks

The mexican way

Catrinas, Chaquira, Nichos

Lamanai Gallery, a tribute to Mexico

Lamanai was created at the beginning of the 90’s as a promotional and sales project for Mexican folk art in the Caribbean, from Cancun to Belize. Pre-Columbian Art was originally a popular creation that had a specific social function, which has perhaps disappeared through time, yet the desire of the artists that create it, lingers on.

Improvisation, personality, feeling, and incredible human ability are the qualities that characterize these artists and artisans whose roots lay in Folk Art.

“One must have one’s feet firm, buried if necessary in native soil;
but one must also have ones eyes, ears, and mind open wide, exploring the horizons.”

Rufino Tamayo

Silver and semi-precious stones

Mexican artisan jewelry

Contemporary art

Mexican plastic artists


Mexican textile art

Guest Artists

Selection of various works from around the world

What our customers says

“Mexican art gallery, handcrafted with natural products and with great respect for the environment, tradition and beliefs … With a master of places who loves his gallery so much that he does not hesitate to share his knowledge and love for Mexican art. A true blessing for us. Thank you very much for this morning. “

Jacqueline Rab

“Very nice jewelry in gifts with a special history. Very colorful objects. And the people in the store are very passionate about their products and very knowledgeable about Mexican art.”

Manuela Popescu

The gentleman, passionate about Mexican art, will be very pleased to explain Mexican totems, how they are chosen etc … prices for all budgets, colorful works of art … go and see it, the gallery is worth it! The gallery is full of colors, works of art from different cities in Mexico, each one is a unique piece!

Raboisson Caroline

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