Workshop: Efrain and Silvia Fuentes - Galería Lamanai

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Efrain and Silvia Fuentes, artists from Oaxaca

From a very young age, Efrain Fuentes began to carve wood, learning the trade from his father, Epifanía Fuentes, which he inherited and developed from his grandfather Zenen Fuentes. Now the members of the family are dedicated to carving and painting figures of copal, cedar, willow, walnut and zompantle wood, with a very own style, witness of the lineage that their grandparents left behind. Even developing new patterns, the Fuentes keep the original mark, especially in the traditional way of combining colors, which distinguishes the works in this workshop from any other. Currently the workshop has the magical hands of its creator together with those of his wife, Silvia Gómez and their four children.