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Traditional Folk Art from Mexico

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The great wealth of popular art in Mexico

Mexican Folk Art has its foundations in the arts and crafts of various pre-Hispanic cultures within the country.  However 500 years of Asian and European influence has transformed it into a colorful mix, something special and exclusive of Mexico alone. 

It is a true celebration of vibrant beauty that characterizes the 32 states of the country, each with a different vision and use of materials, that has become the individual hallmark of each village and region. Its elaboration has been combining a wide diversity of raw materials, technical processes and symbolic elements that materialize the knowledge and history of its creators.


Milagros, or “Miracles”, are small metal figures, formerly made of silver or gold, which are used as offerings, like a form of gratitude for any favor received by a Saint, a Virgin or an Angel. Even when samples of them have been found in virtually every ancient civilization, few have the playfulness and surrealism of the Mexican “Milagros”

Workshop: Rincón de imágenes

The pieces in our workshop are built from traditional processes, such as assemblages and wood carving, or mixed techniques with organic materials such as natural fibers, seeds, textiles, etc. 

In the realization of our characters, we take back ancestral iconographies of our indigenous cultures, more specifically the Totonaca culture, giving it a touch of contemporaneity to make it part of our time. This is how we create our mermaids, angels or Totonaca Goddesses. 

Jewelry Boxes

Original boxes created from recycled wood logs, by Victor Aquino in Mexico City. 

Each one is unique in its nature and shape,  all have multiple interior compartments, exquisitely finished respecting the original characteristics of the wood.


Nowadays, masks are used in a wide variety of ceremonies, festivals, processions and theatre but more often in traditional dances, which are a form of theater, with characters, storyline, music and amateur performers.  Basically anyone who wish to participate can become part of a group. The purpose of the masks is to convert participants into other beings, allowing the person to express himself as if he was someone else, unknown to the public.