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Alebrije Seahorse “Hippocampus”.

Size: 16 x 42 x 13 cm. Material: Copal Wood and  Acrylic Colors.

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Author: Emmanuel Fuentes Gomez. Workshop: Efrain and Silvia Fuentes. Origin: Oaxaca, México. One of the most peculiar animals in the sea. During their spring nuptial dance, the female deposits her eggs in a pouch that the male has on her belly. He will incubate the babies for 45 days before throwing them into the sea. Tis figure was made entirely by hand. It’s shape, design and decoration are unique and unrepeatable. The traditional Mexican copal tree is planted and harvested, so that expert carvers can complete shaping its pieces in the way which Nature intended for it. A wavy branch will become a stalking cat, another branch is a coyote howling at the moon. After the carving is completed, the wood has to rest and wait patiently for all moisture to come out of its interior, revealing the veins and cracks that need to be healed . The process can takes several months, according to the size of the piece, and only ends when it is completely smooth and ready for background coloring. It is later, during the decoration process, that patterns and colors of extraordinary beauty and meaning are developed, witnesses of the Legacy and the Wisdom of the ancient Zapotecs for the new generations.


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