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El Alma que vuela ( Cuervo )

Tecnique: Acrylic  painting on  multiple layers of canvas.

Size: 153 x 80 x 1cm

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Author: Hugo Tovar.

Born in Tláhuac, Mexico City in 1967. Curious and self-taught by nature at the age of four, and before even attending school he learns to read and thanks to this he comes into contact with various artistic expressions through books, and develops a taste for literature at a very early age, likewise from a very young age he leans towards the plastic arts at the hands of a very close and dear uncle (Fernando Cuauhtémoc, uncle Temo) who introduces him and fosters a taste for literature and music, he is also the one who puts the first watercolors and his first painting equipment in his hands. It is then that at the age of ten, testimonies of his painting can already be found.

Already in adolescence he began to work in different and very varied activities that allow him to come into contact with various industrial and construction materials, which he will later use in his plastic work. This is where your fascination for recyclable materials begins and the desire to experiment.

For this reason, very young at the age of sixteen, motivated by an adventurous spirit and a thirst for knowledge, he left home to visit various states of the Mexican Republic. Thus, as in 1989, he arrived in the state of Oaxaca, where he came into contact with various young people who at that time were also budding artists and who ultimately would be the current breed of creators who consolidated a great artistic movement in Oaxaca that had begun. Rufino Tamayo, Rodolfo Nieto and Francisco Toledo among other great teachers.


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