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925 Silver Bracelet with Lapis Lazuli and Spondylus

Piece designed and made entirely by hand by the author.

Spondylus is a type of mollusk of the Spondylus family that is characterized by its strong shell, its outer spines and its coloration ranging from white to orange and deep purple. Shells of the genus Spondylus were used as prestige goods by numerous ancient societies around the world. Particularly in America, the genus Spondylus is found both in the Pacific Ocean and in the Caribbean region.


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Author: Bruno Filippi.

Unique piece made entirely by hand.

Most of the indigenous people of America, from the north to the far south, were known to adorn their bodies richly with paintings, tattoos, jewelry and feathers. With the Spanish colonization, new techniques and styles became popular and the native jewelry began to evolve with new combinations of materials and designs, giving birth to high quality pieces and a unique style, full of creativity and imagination.

“Here Light turns into Stone and Stone into Crystal”

Luis Cardoza y Aragón.


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