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Santo Antonio

Size: 34x17x2cm

Original acrylic painting on recycled wood.


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Author: Fabiano Tavares

Original acrylic painting on recycled wood.

“My name is Fabiano Tavares, I was born in Porto Alegre, South Brazil, on September 18,1973.

Since childhood I loved cartoons and started playing with the brushes, developing my own trait very early. My favorite themes, started as religious art and landscapes but I later enjoyed imagining and creating characters inspired on our daily life, our work, our beliefs and icons… with a touch of irony and my personal sense of humor.

I work with acrylic paint, brushes and airbrush on canvas and drift wood found on the beaches where I live or travel to. I think recycled materials will remain a primary source for my paintings. An old wooden door, a chunk of broken log discarded by people or nature, can be transformed into something still beautiful and useful.

About dreams? I really want a world with more equality among people, regardless of race, nation or religion. For we are all brothers and equals. A world with more love for the world”.

(Fabiano Tavares)


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