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Happy Catrina Shrine

Traditional niches inspired by Mexican iconography, made of wood and a wide variety of materials, such as fabrics, beads, metals, “milagritos,” and paper figures, with a glass cover.

Size 13 x 10 x 3.5 cm.


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Possibly, the niches find their origin in popular religious festivals, where artisans adopt and create their own version of the magnificent  altarpieces of the Catholic Church. This is how the niches begin to adorn the altars of “Día de Muertos” or those dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Over time, characters from popular and contemporary culture have been added, among them our Frida and the Catrinas/ Catrinos created by the artist José Guadalupe Posada, engraver, illustrator and cartoonist from the State of Aguascalientes, (1852-1913).

The artist collaborated with different magazines and newspapers. Always present in the daily life of the country, he describes Mexican society with cartoons that criticize the abuses and inconsistencies of the Porfirio Diaz regime, as well as making fun of the customs and the habits displayed by the contemporary high class.